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Camping lantern is the most essential part of recreational activities. Best Camping lantern is required for camping and other outdoor activities, where you do camping at the night. Camping is the most loved recreational activity in the United States, therefore demand of such valuable things are high. According to Vont, LED Camping Lantern Manufacturer, It has reduced Camping Lantern selection availability, all because of increase demand of this best camping lantern. Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern is the best selling Camping Lantern on Amazon with the average rating of 4.8/5. It has been reviewed by more than 12000 verified purchased customer. It comes with pack of 2 and Pack of 4.

Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern Specifications

Vont LED camping lantern is made of Plastic housing, LED’s with Steel handle. It is IP44 Water-resistant and it has one year full refund or replacement warranty. It has total 30 LED’s and produce 140 Lumens of brightness in 360 degree. Its brightness color is Cold white and comes only in On/Off mode. It’s weight is only 290 grams. This Vont Camping Lantern runs on 6 AA Batteries and produce Upto 30hrs of brightness. Batteries are included in the purchase. Its diameter is 3.4in (8.6cm), collapsed height is 4.8in (12.3cm) and extended Height is 7.20in (18.3cm). It is easy to carry in your backpack.

  • Portable
  • Bright Adjustment
  • 360 degree brightness
  • Cheap but high quality
  • Fold away handle
  • Old Fashioned

Technical Overview of Vont LED Camping Lantern

With respect to its brightness, It is best for limited area, like room or camping tent. It has 140 Lumens of brightness, it is less for larger rooms or wide open area, However, Vont LED is designed for Camping, and it act as survival kit for hurricane and other emergency situations. It works the best, as it is water resistant and can survive 10 feet drop without any damage to Camping Lantern. With technical specification, it has 30 LEDs, and its brightness can be adjusted with collapsible setting. Just pull lantern according to your need. Additionally, this camping lantern produce brightness in 360°. Moreover, It is On/off free ,you just need to pull the handle, it will turn on and by pushing down, it will turn off.

My Verdict on Vont LED Camping Lantern

When you are reviewing best selling and best rated product, in this case, Vont Camping Lantern, then your verdict is in the favor of the product. From brightness to portability, it is the best camping lantern available in the market. More importantly, it is more cheaper and better than its competitors. Please note that, please buy this LED from its Official Amazon Store, because there dozens of companies selling the replica of this Camping LED Lantern. Honestly speaking, i did’t find any cons of this camping lantern.


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